How to make hundreds of dollars everyday with the best advertising platforms of the Internet

First of all, welcome to my blog and thanks for taking the time to read this post, I am going to tell you how I made hundreds of dollars everyday with advertising network and especially PPD. PPD means pay per download, which means you create a file, for example cooking recipes, you save it in a pdf format and you upload it to your PPD network. Once you uploaded it to their server you will receive a link, that will allow you to share your file across the internet and earn money from it. When someone click on your link, they are redirected to a download page, once arrived on the download page, they click on the download button, and then a pop up box opens and ask the user to fill a survey in order to order the file. Upon completion of the survey the file is unlocked automatically for the user, so he can get the promised content, and when the user complete the offer you get paid, this is simple as that. Each PPD networks can pay your per survey for a range from $0,50 to $20, there is one billion of people using the internet in 2014, so imagine the huge monetization opportunity that is offered to you by using Kingfiles, one of the best PPD networks in 2014, they are the leading ppd solutions of the internet, they have an extremely good support and they have amazing offers and tools that will allow you to earn more with your traffic and to start earning like a king.


kingfiles payment methods

They pay weekly through various payments methods such as bitcoin, paypal, western union, skrill, wire transfer payonner, and more will come in the future. I never missed a single payment from them , that’s why I say they are the best. To get download and earn money, there’s a lot of ways to promote your files or link, for example you can share your link on your facebook profile so your friends will complete the survey and you will earn money from them, imagine you have 1000 friends and each one complete a survey for you, that’s $1000 of dollars earned with just a link share, you can do the same with facebook page, instagram pages, twitter accounts, pinterest fan page, and many others social network. There’s a lot of others way to get traffic and get downloads, for example, you create a pdf guide about how to lose weight, once the guide is created, you go to a weight lose forum and you share the link and you get paid. Join kingfiles now and you’ll start earning like a king in a very short amount of time.

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